KNOWN ISSUE: After updating to iOS 13, Internet stops working on iPad.  


I have discovered a glitch affecting users who have updated to iOS 13.  The issue is not a network issue.  I REPEAT, THE ISSUE IS NOT A NETWORK ISSUE!.  

The issue is with our web filter app, Relay (as I am finding most of our issues have been).  Yesterday Relay released an update to their app that seems to be causing fits.  The app begins to update and then gets held up and does not finish.  This causes the user to have almost everything blocked when on the Internet.  


1.  Find the Relay app on the student's iPad.  See image below.

Screen Shot 2019-10-04 at 9.50.36 AM.png
2. Press and hold on the app lightly until you see a few options pop up.  The top option says "cancel download." 

3.  Select this option and Internet will return to the device.  The download does not appear to finish unless I delete the app and reinstall it.  

4. Fill out support ticket letting me know you completed these steps and the student needs the app deleted and re-installed.

This is the workaround for now until there is a permanent fix.  Relay acknowledges the issue and has given similar steps to take to remedy it.  Once you have stopped the download, I will need to delete Relay from your device and then re-download.  

If you need help fill out a support ticket.