When users go to write in an assignment, normally is opens a pdf editor.  When users go to save, it freezes and students lose the work they completed.

UPDATE 2: Issue seems to still persist for some.  There seems to be an issue between Google and iOS.  Google Classroom app has not updated for a while, whereas there have been 5 iOS updates in recent months.  Hopefully Google will fix the problem with the upcoming release of iOS 13.  There is no Fix for this issue right now as it is intermittent and not something relating to device or our network.  The fix below seems to work for a little bit.  Best solution would be to screen shot assignments before saving as well as to log out of google and restart the device when issue arises.  

UPDATE: Spoke with Google Cloud Support and they advised we do the following:

1. Log out of Google.  

2. Delete the Google Classroom App

3. Redownload - It'll be automatic after a student deletes it

4. Log back in

5. Make sure there aren't a bunch of background apps running

I tried this on two devices successfully.  If it continues to be an issue after this, please let me know so I can pass it along and Google can open up a ticket with their development team.