Issue is resolved with an iOS update.  Nobody should be running iOS 11.2.5 any longer.

Issue: After updating to iOS 11.2.5, many apps crash when attempting to open.

Details & Explanation: This issue is caused by not incrementally updating from iOS 10.2.3.  Students who updated to each version of iOS 11 before 11.2.5 do not have this issue.  Students updating from iOS 10 are having this issue because their apps are not updating with the iOS software update.  I have noticed this error by comparing app versions in iOS 10 with those in the latest iOS 11.  The apps will not run in iOS 11 and are not updating because our MDM server recognizes the student as already having the app.  

Solution: The solution for this problem is to delete the app and wait for the server to push the app back to your device.  This typically does not take long.  If you delete the app and you do not receive the updated version back on your iPad within a half hour, fill out a support ticket explaining this and I will push an updated app to your device.