Update:  Apple released a security update to fix this issue on 11/29/17.  You can go to Applications and Updates to download the security update.

Issue:  There is a huge security flaw with the new Mac OS High Sierra.  This issue allows anyone to access your Mac using the Root user.  Root access allows you to perform any task or access any file on a MacBook.  With this bug, whenever there is a security prompt requiring administrator username and password, a hacker can simply type in root as the user without a password, hit unlock, and gain access.  

Impact: This issue is potentially dangerous as it could allow hackers access to your computer.  It could make your MacBook more susceptible to Malware and Spyware.  

Workaround: Until Apple releases a new security update to address this issue, the best solution is NOT to update your laptop to High Sierra.  

If you already have updated, you will need to have your root password changed as this is the recommended workaround from Apple and has been successful in solving the issue.  Please contact Tech Support IMMEDIATELY so we can assist you with this issue.  

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