Explanation: At the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year I changed the wifi password, but failed to change the password in the profile attached to staff iPad Pros.  Despite updating the profile to the correct one, many iPads seem to not want to delete the old profile permanently.  

Problem: iPad Pro cannot connect to HAST Wireless2

Workaround #1: Try connecting to HAST Wireless.  Since I have created a secondary wifi profile on your iPad with the HAST Wireless credentials, you should be able to connect without an issue.  Your iPad will check in with our Mobile Device Management server and get the correct wifi credentials.  After a few minutes, attempt to then connect to HAST Wireless2.  

Workaround #2: If the first option above did not work, we will need to erase your network settings.  This has worked for several people in deleting out the remnants of the old profiles.  If you go to Settings/General/Reset you can select "Reset Network Settings."  Your iPad will then need to be connected to HAST Wireless.  You can fill out a support ticket and one of us will enter the HAST Wireless password for you.  Please indicate in the support ticket you need to be connected to HAST Wireless.

Permanent Fix: If we have tried both workarounds and neither have fixed the issue or you experience the issue a few weeks later, then we need to wipe your iPad and reconfigure.  This will fix the problem, but is always a last resort when you have information and apps you do not wish to lose.  I recommend backing up your iPad to iCloud and creating a backup in iTunes before wiping.