Software and Updates

Q: What software should come on a HAST MacBook?
Depending on the device, different software is available on a HAST MacBook. Staff machines should contain iLife and iWorks software including iMovie, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. 

Q: Can I install new software on my laptop?

Teachers are free to download and install software on their school issued MacBook as long as it does not damage the machine. Some software installations may require an administrator username and password. Staff user accounts should work for this; however, if they do not, fill out a support ticket.  Students should not download any software on laptops unless given permission from the IT Director.

Q: Can I update the software on my laptop?

Yes, assuming you do not need an OS update as well.

Q: Can I update my operating system?

Yes, however, I will ask you to wait until the first patch update so as to avoid major bugs with new OS releases.  

Q: A program on my computer has frozen. How do I force it to close so I can reopen it and try again?

Press Command-Option-Esc all at the same time. Find the program that you want to close out. If it still does not respond, you may have to turn your computer off.