Internet and Browser

Q: My laptop will not connect to the internet.
Make sure your wifi is connected by checking the top of your screen for wifi signal. If it is grayed out, click on it. Select HAST Wireless2. If it is already selected, turn wifi off, then back on. If you still do not have internet, fill out a support ticket.

Q: My internet connection is slow.
Turn your wifi off and then back on. If the problem persists, turn your laptop off then back on.

Q: My laptop keeps asking for a wifi password.
Fill out a support ticket. For security reasons, passwords will not be given out through email or phone.

Q: I receive an error messaging when trying to view any webpage that states the browser cannot get certificate or certificate is outdated.

For whatever reason, your date and time settings have reset to an earlier date. This could be a sign your battery is becoming defective. You can reset the date and time to the correct date by clicking on the date and time at the top right hand corner of your laptop.

Q: A website I need for class is blocked by the web filter.

Try logging in using your login credentials (same one you use to login to a computer). This will get you around the filter in many circumstances. If this does not work, please fill out a support ticket with the website you are trying to access and the IT Director will unblock if it’s school appropriate.

Q: My Students are not able to view some websites I am able to on my laptop.
Your laptop is able to access flash based content. Unfortunately, iPads are unable to view flash content except through the puffin web browser. If you are creating and publishing material for your students, always publish in html5 as opposed to flash.