Q: My iPad will not connect to the internet.

A: Try the following:

1. Go to Settings/Wifi

2.Turn your wifi off and back on.

3.If still no internet connection, turn iPad off then back on.

Q: My iPad will not connect to the internet after trying previous tips.

It is possible you have been kicked off the wifi for inappropriate use; however, it is also possible your network settings need to be wiped.  Please fill out a support ticket.

Q: My internet connection is slow.

There could be a number of different reasons why your internet connection is slow. The first thing you should do is make sure it isn’t everyone. There could be a wireless connectivity issue or an internet issue school wide or within an area of the school. If it is just you, then try the following:

Too many applications open:

Hit the home button twice. Swipe applications from the bottom of your screen to the top to close them out.

Too many tabs open in browser

Click on the “x” next to each tab to close out the tabs for web pages you are not currently using

If neither of the two options above work, try the following:

Go to Settings/Wifi

Turn Wifi off and wait about 30 seconds

Turn Wifi back on and open your browser again

If this does not work, turn iPad off and wait 30 seconds

Turn iPad back on and try browsing Internet

Q: My iPad is constantly asking for the wifi password every time I wake it up from sleep mode.

Turn your iPad off, wait 30 seconds, and turn back on. If you continue to have the problem, back up your files to iCloud and fill out a support ticket. There may be an issue with the wireless profile on your device.

Q: I am unable to view flash content on my iPad.

iPads are by default, not compatible with flash. To view flash websites you will need to download the free puffin browser; however, due to abuse, this app has been blocked by our filter.  Regardless, flash is an outdated way of displaying content.  HTML 5.0 is the currently recommended format.